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Coke Pushing Ram and Coke Pushing shoe

Coke Pushing Ram:

Product description

The coke pushing ram is installed on the coke pusher, as a main component. The coke pushing ram can be divided into front and rear sections, formed by the pin taper sleeve without gaps.
Product function: Suitable for coke pushing from the coke oven.


With simple structure, light weight, long life but less investment.

6m Coke Pushing Ram
6m Coke Pushing Ram

Coke Pushing Shoe:

Product description

Connected with the head of the coke pushing ram on a coke pusher.

Product function

In the process of pushing coke, it only takes about 81seconds from the touching of the coke pushing shoe and the coke to push the coke out of the coking oven. Then it takes 9 minutes to stay in air before next round of coke pushing operation.

coke pushing shoe
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