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CDQ Electric Putter

What Are CDQ Electric Putters used for?

It can be used as an actuating machine in a variety of simple or complex processes to achieve long-distance control, centralized control or automatic control. As an actuator, the electric putter can not only reduce pneumatic and auxiliary equipments for pneumatic actuators, but also lower the weight of the actuator. In the CDQ industry, it is used to push away the lid of the CDQ furnace to load hot coke.
CDQ Electric Putter

Working Principle of CDQ Electric Putter

CDQ electric putter is a mechatronic accessory product, belonging to an electric drive device which converts the rotational motion driven by the motor into the straight reciprocating motion of the putter. The automatic overload protecting device is installed on the loading device in the putter.

Advantages of CDQ Electric Putter

  • The mechanical transmission and ball screw structure used in the putter cannot be affected by the seasons with good environmental adaptability, reliable accuracy of equipment positioning and long service life.
  • The putter is a high-precision linear motion series of brand-new revolutionary product which can achieve precise rotating speed & revolution control, positioning control and pushing force control.
  • The putter is characteristic of reliable performance, sensitive motion, less noise, low energy consumption, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, longer service life, easy and smooth operation and so on.
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