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What are the precautions of normal CDQ equipment operation?

Each machine has its corresponding instructions and operating procedures. It is strictly required for us to operate only in accordance with correct procedures to avoid the damage or malfunction of CDQ equipments arising from improper operations. In fact, during the operation process of CDQ equipment, except doing in accordance with correct operating process, we also need to pay attention to some details.

Detail problems of CDQ equipment operation

  1. Before actual operations of CDQ equipments, we shall make the preparation of operation and safety well as soon as possible.
  2. Under normal circumstances, we shall carry out continuous production with a steady load to avoid frequent changes of production load.
  3. When changing the amounts of coke treatment, the circulating gas and leading gas we must do it in stable state of the production. When the production state is unstable, we mustn’t carry out the above operations.
  4. If we need to change the operating conditions or modify the set value, we must ensure it is done safely and flexibly. As a change in a set value happens, we shall do comprehensive monitoring of CDQ equipments for the overall situation.
  5. If we need to change the operating conditions or modify the set value, we shall carry out slowly and be prohibited to do once for all. Meanwhile, we shall also confirm that the revised and modified values are not a problem, and whether we need to re-adjust them.
  6. The operators shall not leave the operation post during the modification of the operating conditions and the set values.
  7. When the lid of CDQ chamber is opened and loaded with hot coke, the internal pressure of the system will be disturbed. During the period, the modification of the operating conditions and the set values is prohibited.
  8. In order to ensure normal production operations, it is very important to maintain the equipment well. Therefore, the equipments shall be fully maintained according to the instructions of the equipments.
  9. The inner linings of the CDQ chamber and on-time dust collector are made with the refractory, so the temperature of the inlet gas of the boiler shall be taken into account during the operations.
As the good saying goes, the details determine success or failure. During the operation process of CDQ equipment, every little improper detail is possible to cause the failure. Therefore, we cannot take simple operations for granted. We shall be careful and always maintain high vigilance. When the abnormal phenomenon occurs, we shall stop the equipments in time and resume normal work as soon as possible.
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