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Three advantages of CDQ Equipments

We make a conclusion about three advantages of CDQ Equipments as following :

To absorb the heat from coke quenching

This can save energy, the previous method of coke quenching used to water cooling, coke quenching significant heat. Because every 1 kg of coke heat consumption about 750 to 800 kcal, and heat of wet quenching wasted up to 355 kcal. CDQ can solve the above shortcomings, which absorbs about 80% the heat of hot coke to produce steam. per ton of dry quenching coke can produce 420 ~ 450Kg, 450 ℃, 4.6Mpa medium pressure steam ,sometimes actually even higher.
CDQ equipments

To improve the coke’s quality

Coke can be secondary cooking in the pre-stored room of CDQ equipment, and with its uniformity discharge and slowly cooling, so it can reduce coke fracture and strengthen the intensity. Otherwise, CDQ coke and coke powder is also easy to separate and decrease the difficulty of screening, coke powder also can be used as an important sintering material.

To reduce the environment pollution

In the wet quenching, quenching water comes from the chemical plant cooling water, which contains a lot of phenol, cyanide and other harmful substances. those residual harmful substances, the steam and other corrosive media in the coke wet quenching corrode surrounding the building, spread over several miles, and damage the environment badly.
coke oven line

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